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shindoL draws some of the greatest ahegao ever *//q//*

no source since game cg, sorry;;;

the game is called monsters survive, if you were curious .w. you play as the girl in the picture and you level up and fight monsters

if you win, the monster’s defeated!! if you lose..well..




Say hello to the Mechanical Animal 2.0, a 3D printed upgrade from our 1.0! This toy features smoothed, streamlined plating, designed to cater to those with a taste for the cybernetic, and inspired by the same robotic beasty as its predecessor!  This is a pre-order toy that will be shipping during the end of February. This updated sculpt was designed and rendered for printing by the talented Video, character art provided by Hebeni!

A few notes about this updated sculpt! We hoped to keep the spirit of the first Mechanical Animal alive while eliminating some of the production issues that plagued the original. This design is made to please, ribbing beneath the head and aboe the base provide simultaneous stimulation, while the sectioned belly brings wonderful thrusting texture. Don’t underestimate his silky-smooth plates, this toy is definitely a beast ;)


Source: Unknown (Inyouchuu fanart)


Source: Unknown (Inyouchuu fanart)